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Freedom of Expression in China

When China was bidding for the Olympics in 2001, the Chinese government made explicit promises to improve its human rights record. But the Olympics have come and gone, and the climate for freedom of expression in China has only steadily declined. Chinese writers continue to be censored, harassed, imprisoned, and, even disappeared throughout the country. Four members of the Independent Chinese PEN Center are in prison, including Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo, and PEN continues to monitor the cases of at least 35 other writers behind bars. In this new digital age, even a tweet could get a citizen detained. Still, writers continue to write, and citizens continue to become more and more emboldened in their criticism of government malfeasance. While pressure comes from above to clamp down on dissent, citizens build pressure from below. Stand with them in their struggle.

What You Can Do

Read The PEN Report: Creativity and Constraint in Today's China
Watch the AP's interview with Liu Xia
Demand the Immediate Release of Liu Xiaobo
Read for Liu Xiaobo

Defending Writers

Liu Xiaobo
Yang Tongyan
Shi Tao

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