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PEN American Center

March 5, 15

Made by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin, India’s Daughter focuses on the brutal rape and murder in December 2012 of Jyoti Singh, an aspiring medical student in Delhi. On Tuesday, an Indian court order banned national channels from airing the...Read More  »

March 2, 15

PEN is calling for Badawi’s current conviction to be overturned, for his sentence of flogging to be halted immediately, and for him not to be retried for apostasy Read More  »

February 27, 15

The killing of Nemtsov sends a blood-chilling message to the Russian people about the costs and dangers of political dissent, compounding a climate of fear and repression created by the murder of numerous journalists and a series of draconian laws...Read More  »

February 27, 15

In the introduction to Can Asians Think?, Kishore Mahbubani expressed his disappointment that the book had not triggered the debate he felt was much needed. Read More  »

February 27, 15

The ghastly murder of blogger Avijit Roy in Dhaka reveals just how dangerous it has become for writers to express themselves freely in Bangladesh. An essay by Salil Tripathi. Read More  »

February 27, 15

PEN is alarmed at the ongoing pattern of violence against writers and journalists in Bangladesh, who appear to be targeted with impunity solely for the peaceful expression of their views. Read More  »

February 27, 15

Roy's blog promoted science and secularism. He died in Dhaka on Friday of multiple machete wounds inflicted by yet unknown assailants. Read More  »

February 26, 15

FCC ruling ensures that internet service providers will not be able to discriminate against content providers because of the nature of their work. Read More  »

February 25, 15

Tie published a small-circulation, not-for-profit journal that collected the memoirs of individuals who had been persecuted for criticizing the Communist Party in the 1950s. Read More  »

February 24, 15

The massacre at Charlie Hebdo in January 2015 brought urgent questions about censorship, satire, offense, and artistic responsibility to the forefront.Read More  »