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PEN American Center

July 25, 14

PEN is proud to be part of the Stand Against Spying coalition, a new initiative that presents every single member of Congress’ voting record on surveillance in an easy to use report card format. Read More  »

July 25, 14

It wouldn’t be a weekly round-up without more shenanigans—this week from Russia, Thailand, Turkey, and of course, the NSA. Read More  »

July 24, 14

Edward Albee, Don DeLillo, John Green, Rachel Kushner, and twenty-five other leading American writers joined PEN American Center today in an open letter to the Senate leadership demanding National Security Administration reform on the premise that...Read More  »

July 23, 14

Kality is divided into eight zones. The prisoners found one more zone of their own imagination. They called the rest of the country beyond their compound “zone 9” implying everyone in Ethiopia is in some sort of virtual prison. Read More  »

July 22, 14

The seven members of the Zone 9 blogger collective, who sprung to international attention upon their arrest last April, stand accused of associating with outlawed political groups and of attending a digital security training, among other charges. Read More  »

July 21, 14

While Ethiopia, Myanmar, and the U.S struggle with serious challenges to free expression, the United Nations makes small steps forward by outlining new guidelines for surveillance programs worldwide. Read More  »

July 18, 14

Poker. That is what I call him. He is my only friend. We met during military training. He is twenty-one. He likes the afternoon sun, and he is not a homosexual. Read More  »

July 15, 14

This week, legislation will be rushed through Parliament that includes new surveillance powers affecting every citizen in the United Kingdom. Read More  »

July 15, 14

Vargas was detained at an airport Border Control station as he prepared to board a flight from McAllen to Houston. Read More  »

July 15, 14

Our members have weighed in and it's clear that net neutrality is essential for research and for writers to reach audiences—especially when writing about critical or unpopular topics. Read More  »