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PEN American Center

March 26, 15

The UN Human Rights Council’s decision to establish a new Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy is a welcome move towards greater protection of human rights in an era of dragnet government surveillance. Read More  »

March 20, 15

On 21 March 2015, while people across the globe celebrate World Poetry Day, PEN will be directing public attention to the imprisonment, murder, and general harassment of poets, writers, and journalists around the world. Read More  »

March 17, 15

Delegates from PEN Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, the U.S. and Wales developed proposals for action which represent the beginnings of a new strategy for PEN International in the Americas. Read More  »

March 17, 15

Two managers and the owner of a Yangon pub were sentenced to two years in prison under Myanmar’s religion act, which criminalizes insults to religion. Read More  »

March 17, 15

This forms part of a pattern in recent years of expulsions, visa denials, and cancellations of teaching contracts for international faculty, who lose the ability to work in the UAE as a result of work or views considered unfriendly by the...Read More  »

March 12, 15

Last month, a delegation from PEN Centers around the world, including PEN American Center, visited Mexico City to put the global spotlight on the growing threat to journalists in the country, which Reporters Without Borders called "the most...Read More  »

March 10, 15

At issue is an NSA program called “Upstream,” through which the government taps into the physical backbone of the internet. Read More  »

March 9, 15

Mexico City – PEN Mexico has awarded its 2015 PEN Awards to Elena Poniatowska, Darío Ramírez, Federico Mastrogiovanni, Pablo Ferri, and an anonymous Aristegui News reporter, in recognition of excellence in journalism, literature and work in human...Read More  »

March 5, 15

Made by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin, India’s Daughter focuses on the brutal rape and murder in December 2012 of Jyoti Singh, an aspiring medical student in Delhi. On Tuesday, an Indian court order banned national channels from airing the...Read More  »

March 2, 15

PEN is calling for Badawi’s current conviction to be overturned, for his sentence of flogging to be halted immediately, and for him not to be retried for apostasy Read More  »