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November 27, 15

At least six individuals have been charged under Malaysia's Sedition Act since the Federal Court struck down a constitutional challenge to the colonial-era law, reinforcing the government’s right to arbitrarily harass and arrest Malaysian citizens...Read More  »

November 25, 15

Five Niger journalists arrested in ten days, Chinese police accused of harassing dead activist's family, and a French comedian is given a prison sentence for hate speech. Read More  »

November 24, 15

Gao Yu appeals sentence for "leaking state secrets", Russian journalist assaulted, and a court gives a Bahraini photographer ten years in prison. Read More  »

November 23, 15

U.S. journalist Jason Rezaian sentenced, Gunmen kill TV reporter in Pakistan, and a Saudi Arabian poet is sentenced to death. Read More  »

November 19, 15

Brazilian blogger murdered, Five Moroccan activists face prison, and a journalist in Iran is sentenced to 3 years for Facebook posts. Read More  »

November 18, 15

Iranian journalist sentenced, Encryption debate reignited, and Bangladesh blocks Facebook and other social-media platforms. Read More  »

November 17, 15

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, Jesselyn Radack of ExposeFacts' Whistleblower & Source Protection Program, journalist James Risen, and Susan Glasser of Politico debate the impact of the Obama administration’s aggressive pursuit of national...Read More  »

November 17, 15

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden spoke to PEN's Executive Director Suzanne Nossel via Skype about whistleblowing and questions of conscience. Read More  »

November 17, 15

The dangers to national security whistleblowers, Sikh-Canadian journalist wrongly ID'd as terror suspect, and students in Myanmar halt hunger strike. Read More  »

November 16, 15

French music journalist describes escape, Reaffirming the importance of human rights, and Germany announces limits on citizen spying. Read More  »