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October 28, 14

Julio Ernesto Alvarado is fighting the reinstatement of a 16-month ban on practicing journalism Read More  »

October 28, 14

Myanmar journalist Aung Naing was shot and buried by the military on October 4, allegedly as he tried to escape custody. Read More  »

October 27, 14

According to reports, Dang Xuan Dieu, has been held in solitary confinement, forced to sleep and eat next to his excrement, denied access to adequate food, clean drinking water, and regular showers, and subjected to humiliation and torture. Read More  »

October 27, 14

New report suggests press freedom violations during public protest are systemic, not isolated incidentsRead More  »

October 26, 14

PEN's documentation of 52 violations of freedom of the press during the Ferguson protests shows the abuse was not confined to a few outlying incidents, but a systemic problem. Read More  »

October 24, 14

PEN hails the release of Dieu Cay by the world's most notorious jailer of bloggers, but protests his forced exile. Read More  »

October 22, 14

For Mexicans today, it is hard to interpret the words around us. In the classified section, narco messages appear in the broken thumb language of text messaging. Read More  »

October 21, 14

Brutal sentence violates the prohibition against torture under international law. Read More  »

October 20, 14

A Yangon court has sentenced three journalists, an editor, and a publisher to two years in prison term under a law preventing “publishing statements that could cause public alarm.” Read More  »

October 20, 14

Iranian journalist and human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has been barred from practicing law for three years, she told reporters in Tehran Sunday. This is the second time the rights activist has been denied her law license in Iran. Read More  »