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PEN American Center

January 16, 16

The deterioration of press freedom has accelerated over the past year in Hong Kong, coinciding with a period of rising political tension. A new PEN report documents targeted economic pressures, staff reshufflings, and cyber attacks against critical...Read More  »

January 26, 15

The news that six Eritrean writers and journalists have been unexpectedly released is a welcome step from a country with an atrocious record on freedom of expression. Read More  »

January 23, 15

Karl Ove Knausgård delivered this year's keynote address at the 14th Oxfam Novib/ PEN-International Awards for Freedom of Expression, in which he championed courageous writers from around the world who "write what must not be written." Read More  »

January 20, 15

Today’s revelations that the UK's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) ‘harvested’ correspondence between journalists and editors at news organisations such as the BBC, the Guardian, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, are a clear...Read More  »

January 14, 15

After several days in Beijing, a delegation from PEN arrived safely in Hong Kong this last night. Read More  »

January 13, 15

Is Hong Kong still a bastion of free expression in a region gripped by censorship? Read More  »

January 7, 15

As writers, editors, and artists we stand together today in solidarity and outrage at the murder of our colleagues at Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Read More  »

January 2, 15

As the world marks a year since the arrest of three Al Jazeera journalists, an unprecedented wave of persecution is sharply delimiting the bounds of free speech in Egypt. Six journalists have been killed in Egypt since the July 2013 coup and eleven...Read More  »

December 30, 14

On January 5, New York Times reporter James Risen and his attorney may reach an agreement with the Justice Department that would see him testify in the case without identifying his confidential source(s). Read More  »

December 30, 14

Earlier this month, Hindu organizations in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu launched a campaign against writer and professor Perumal Murugan, culminating in the burning of copies of his novel Madhorubhagan on Friday in protest of the book’s portrayal...Read More  »