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PEN American Center

September 22, 14

PEN Nigeria responds to the detention of a Nigerian student for over 20 days for Facebook posts criticizing a state governor. Read More  »

September 19, 14

The contest, co-sponsored by PEN and other free expression groups, invited high school students in Delaware to write a 250-500 word essay saying what they felt school board members should know about The Miseducation of Cameron Post before deciding...Read More  »

September 18, 14

Saudi Arabia remains one of few countries untouched by the wave of democratic uproar that swept through the Middle East. The reason? According to one Saudi journalist, who chooses to remain anonymous, it’s the monopoly that the ruling royal family...Read More  »

September 10, 14

Press freedom includes the right of journalists to do their jobs without intentional interference by the police. That right was clearly under threat in Ferguson, as journalists encountered obstruction, tear gas, rubber bullets, and in at least...Read More  »

September 5, 14

The second U.S. journalist is murdered by Islamic State militants in two weeks. Read More  »

September 3, 14

Norman Mailer’s New York City is long gone, the artists are fleeing to New Jersey, and PEN American Center—whose work had been championed by Grace Paley, Susan Sontag, James Baldwin and Arthur Miller, to name a few—just turned 93. Who are the heirs...Read More  »

August 29, 14

A plea from Shirley Sotloff, mother of journalist Steven Sotloff who is currently held captive by the Islamic State in Syria, epitomizes the power of words, the importance of translation, and the magnitude of a mother's love. Read More  »

August 29, 14

As the nation rallies to fight Ebola, a group of internet activists are busy crafting landmark legislation to protect free expression online, reports our Freedom to Write fellow from Abuja. Read More  »

August 22, 14

Americans mourned the death of James Foley amid concerns for other captive journalists, including Jason Rezaian in Iran. Read More  »

August 21, 14

With the loneliness of what is often a solitary journalistic experience, the constant hustle for contacts, and the moments of real danger, the work of those like Foley, who have provided a window on the profoundly complex conflicts in the Middle...Read More  »