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PEN American Center

November 21, 14

Last week a joint PEN America and PEN Myanmar delegation visited Washington for a series of high-profile meetings with officials from the White House, the State Department and Congress. We were informed during one of those meetings that free...Read More  »

November 21, 14

The ACLU of Missouri used PEN's report on press freedom in Ferguson in its motion for a preliminary injunction to prevent police from interfering with media documenting the protests. Read More  »

November 19, 14

Last night, the Senate failed to advance the USA Freedom Act, which would have implemented a number of reforms to U.S. mass surveillance programs. Read More  »

November 14, 14

They quickly hunted down the man and woman, / the father with his son, the mother with her daughter. / Then they ran home to tuck themselves into bed / to continue to plan for a still brighter future. Read More  »

November 6, 14

“People are hungry to have and disseminate information after 50 years of dictatorship,” explained Ma Thida, President of PEN Myanmar. “They are longing for freedom.” Read More  »

November 3, 14

An Associated Press report that police in Ferguson requested a no-fly zone to block media helicopters from documenting protests is further proof of the need for a full investigation into press freedoms in Ferguson. Read More  »

October 28, 14

Myanmar journalist Aung Naing was shot and buried by the military on October 4, allegedly as he tried to escape custody. Read More  »

October 26, 14

PEN's documentation of 52 violations of freedom of the press during the Ferguson protests shows the abuse was not confined to a few outlying incidents, but a systemic problem. Read More  »

October 22, 14

For Mexicans today, it is hard to interpret the words around us. In the classified section, narco messages appear in the broken thumb language of text messaging. Read More  »

October 20, 14

A Yangon court has sentenced three journalists, an editor, and a publisher to two years in prison term under a law preventing “publishing statements that could cause public alarm.” Read More  »