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August 21, 14

With the loneliness of what is often a solitary journalistic experience, the constant hustle for contacts, and the moments of real danger, the work of those like Foley, who have provided a window on the profoundly complex conflicts in the Middle...Read More  »

August 20, 14

News of the politically motivated murder of journalist James Foley yesterday by ISIS militants has devastated the PEN community. The killing of Foley, cited by ISIS as retaliation for American airstrikes in Iraq, is an undeniable paradox.Read More  »

August 15, 14

Charges in Ethiopia and the U.S. suggest that encryption may be the most effective way to thwart government surveillance in the short term, but may also single activists out for attack. Read More  »

August 15, 14

Surveillance continues to be at the forefront of American free expression concerns in all but one place: casinos. Read More  »

August 14, 14

Unacceptable tactics used in Ferguson dangerously resemble those used by repressive regimes subject to unflinching American criticism. Journalists must be able to report on issues related to discrimination and official misdeeds without harassment. Read More  »

August 12, 14

Recent crackdowns on media freedoms in Myanmar—including the conviction of five Unity Journal writers for their reporting on an alleged weapons facility and standing threats of imprisonment against another 50 reporters who rallied on their behalf—...Read More  »

August 12, 14

PEN International condemns the killings and the reported deliberate targeting of certain journalists, media organizations, and their infrastructures that have taken place during Israel’s offensive in Gaza. Read More  »

August 8, 14

Facebook may meet a sorry fate in Vietnam, Austria, and Russia due to internet censorship, while freedom of the press comes under attack in Mexico, Turkey, and Myanmar. Also: beware of your potato chip bag. Read More  »

August 6, 14

After a years-long wait, the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA torture is expected to be released. This report is a crucial step towards reckoning with torture. Read More  »

August 1, 14

While China clamors to control speech nationwide, the U.S. surveillance apparatus tries to maintain its programs despite a blow to the CIA this week. Read More  »