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PEN American Center

September 23, 14

The designation 02 was stenciled above the truck bumper in white paint, meaning it belonged to the Interior Ministry, meaning there would be no record of the arrest, meaning Dokka had never officially been taken, meaning he would never come back. Read More  »

September 22, 14

After marching for days, King Normous and his armies at last neared the land of the King of Little Things. This would not be a fair fight. And that’s just the way the big king liked it. Read More  »

September 22, 14

Facts of the past slip away into constellations, forever subject to interpretation. But words? Ah, words will dig their serif'd fingers into gray matter and take hold. Read More  »

August 29, 14

Though she’s rotten to the core, I reckon I’ve always loved Tina Elliot, from the first time I laid eyes on her. She came in the store with her mother right after I started working there, just a little-bitty thing, said she’d give me a kiss for a...Read More  »

July 30, 14

PEN is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Literary Awards.Read More  »

July 18, 14

Poker. That is what I call him. He is my only friend. We met during military training. He is twenty-one. He likes the afternoon sun, and he is not a homosexual. Read More  »

July 7, 14

Some of the travelers around the square blinked away from gazing at the dreamily whitening and reddening coals, and looked up at Auntie. She defied every stare, until their eyes wilted away from hers, and down onto the dirt in front of her shoes…...Read More  »

July 7, 14

His right hand broken and rebroken, the knuckles recessed toward his wrist until the knuckle of his pinkie almost touched it. When he held his hand sideways, it looked like the rising notes of a scale. When Darnish made a fist, his hands' natural...Read More  »

July 7, 14

I'm a little embarrassed to tell you this, but I've never seen the ocean before. I guess the furthest I've ever been from the town I grew up in was a trip to Dallas we took when I was 9. Before I came down here, I mean, and that weren't by choice...Read More  »