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April 23, 15

I’d like to be a professional footballer, in the Premiership. Not for the money, it should be said, even if that kind of money seems more and more like a cure-all to me, these days. And not for the fame either, which in all honesty must be a burden...Read More  »

April 19, 15

You enter people’s lives through the back door for one day or a few. You dig around in their underwear, pack up their sheets, and by the end of the day you’ve bonded with them. Read More  »

April 17, 15

How could the world have changed so much in just two weeks? Does salt really not get worms? I get off at the next stop, on the verge of tears. But I’m not going to cry. I’m nine years old, practically a woman. Read More  »

April 17, 15

The car proposed in exchange was less prestigious, but cheaper. Her great-uncle pointed out that, once the hearse was decorated with flowers and ribbons, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Read More  »

April 17, 15

A small crab makes its way towards my foot, as if it wants to get into the house. It opens a tiny, cobalt claw at me. First Ada’s outstretched hand, then the crab’s claw. I am besieged. Read More  »

April 15, 15

“I adopt loads of pussies from a refuge,” I said. “Yeah, and I love to feed the pussies condensed milk in tiny china dishes. I lounge around on my chaise longue in my red silk kimono and I watch their pink tongues lap it up.” Read More  »

March 28, 15

"Y-land had no marriage system but was famous for its prosperous sex industry. Even bartering was allowed: when the male clients could not afford to pay, they could obtain sexual services by trading their body parts." Read More  »

February 6, 15

The Impossible Fairy Tale is the first novel by one of South Korea’s most promising young writers. In Hong’s pitch-perfect, limpid translation, this meta-fictional story of two small girls, one lucky, one luckless, in a small town in the late '90s...Read More  »

January 16, 15

In both its stylistic pyrotechnics and psychological intensity, The Game for Real is the crowning achievement of Richard Weiner’s career and one of the most powerful works of Czech Modernist literature. Weiner’s work is finally available in English...Read More  »

January 2, 15

Manhattan Tropics is the first novel of the Puerto Rican mass-migration to New York City, offering a panorama of mid-century life in El Barrio. Maney's translation deftly captures the wide-eyed wonder of the period and interweaves the Neoyorquismos...Read More  »