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PEN American Center

July 3, 14

The paparazzo placed his denim elbows squarely on the café table’s darkly polished depths. “The truth is, there is no further distinction to be made between ‘surveillance’ and ‘media’. ‘Media’ is merely the democratized form, whereas ‘surveillance...Read More  »

April 25, 14

. . . in short, advice isn’t much use, if you disagree with it you don’t listen, and if you already agree you don’t need it, never trust advice, son, travel agents advise you to go places they’ve never been . . . Read More  »

April 23, 14

In my evil dreams I had seen myself approach her with lascivious intent—with a cold thin cruel sexual mouth just parted slight-ways—and I went deep then to find a way to make this suave magic come real. Read More  »

April 23, 14

So in [Galileo's] opinion everything in the world and in life—all the people and trees and shells and starfish and seahorses and traffic lights and jellyfish—can be broken down into numbers and geometric figures. Read More  »

April 18, 14

At this point I am hit by a shocking revelation—a precise and probably objective perception of my own self. Of this presence called I. Thing of this earth. And also of this kindred semblance modeled after me, after us. Read More  »

April 16, 14

Sarajevo Airport. The prettiest little airport in Europe. Little waiting rooms, little people, big suitcases. The new year has just begun. People are returning from holidays in the old country, going back to their homes . . . Read More  »

April 15, 14

Cars flew by. The boy and the man both waved. The man cupped his hands to his mouth and yelled something that got lost to the wind. Cars passed and the boy and man disappeared, reappeared. The man gestured for them to come, come. Cars flew by. Read More  »

April 15, 14

Conrad imagined walking through the trees below: the leafy, springy duff, soft underfoot. The clean aromatic tang of balsam, flecks of sunlight scattered across the dim trunks. Read More  »

April 15, 14

Sometimes I see less significant people too—girlfriends, high school teachers, men I once went to bed with. A few days ago, for example, I clearly saw Bruria Zimmel, who studied with me in the department of dental hygiene in the faculty of dental...Read More  »

April 15, 14

I was hardly proud that my son had somehow pulled off the incredible feat of impregnating some random girl while still tethered to me umbilically. Obviously. I mean, my son hadn’t even been born, technically. Read More  »