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PEN American Center

April 11, 14

. . .the same hands that embrace one’s child will squeeze the life out of a neighbor’s child when war comes. . . Read More  »

April 3, 14

A warm fire. I, too, wanted to stay there forever. Tell Cheolsu his chicken was ripped apart and eaten by a rabid dog. But instead I stood and watched the crows dive through the air like they were falling from the cliff. Read More  »

April 2, 14

A labyrinth of hallways painted in psychedelic colors—neon yellow, electric green and florid pink—snaked through all buildings. Ramps and passageways led to communal spaces that were designed for galleries, theaters, . . . and a day-care center. Read More  »

March 8, 14

My mother’s name is written on the second page of the book: María Victoria Ávalos Flores. A somewhat hasty examination of the handwriting leads me to the improbable conclusion that someone else wrote her name there. It is not my father’s...Read More  »

January 31, 14

Readings by Sarah Arvio, Luis Jaramillo, and Tiphanie Yanique and a musical performance by Silver Ripples with hosts Melissa Febos and Rebecca Keith. Read More  »

January 14, 14

Amal didn’t see when they took her mother away. She closed herself in her mother’s bedroom and smelled the lilac on her mother’s pillow until the sounds of the ambulance and her mother’s helpless screams faded away. Read More  »

January 10, 14

But Gregor had this foresight. The general manager would have to be detained, reasoned with, convinced and finally won over; after all, Gregor’s future and that of his family depended on it. Read More  »

December 27, 13

Science fiction has long explored the possibility and implications of government omniscience resulting from ever-expanding state surveillance powers. But it's not just Orwell and Kafka—writers throughout history and across genres have considered...Read More  »

October 30, 13

In the chapel, Baroque music played from invisible speakers, and the haunting tones of a sourceless cantata convinced me momentarily of the presence of God. He was there in the screen. I cowered miserably before it. God spoke English with an accent...Read More  »

October 28, 13

So much time is wasted when they won’t do the simplest things they’re asked. The newly dead, Bea thought, are just pathetic. Read More  »