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PEN American Center

May 11, 15

Fifteen years later her life was hijacked. All the bottoms of the oceans were marked by her thoughts and the possibility that her little girl was lying there among the fish. Read More  »

May 9, 15

If she succeeds, if she births a kid that lives, then they will try others. Who knows? The Javan tiger, the Zanzibar leopard, a black rhino or white rhino maybe. Read More  »

May 8, 15

Not only was Donya about to become Egypt’s first woman president, she was also openly bisexual and a poet, the perfect antidote to decades of hypermasculine Egyptian politics. Read More  »

May 6, 15

God created man as something free, a being with a purity of freedom, so-called. And as Lieutenant Garcia liked to say, a fool and his freedom are soon parted. Read More  »

May 6, 15

I had been told that you would come back. I woke with the knowledge of that. But among the gods now there is no one who oversees my actions or knows my mind. Read More  »

May 4, 15

I wanted to go. But Merrill insisted we had already put down roots. She said oaks didn’t transplant well, but they did grow stronger with age. What could I do? She was the oak. I stayed where I had made my nest. Read More  »

May 2, 15

and since such phrases survive through legends, centuries and millennia, people unfortunately forget who the true authors were, and fail to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s Read More  »

April 23, 15

I’d like to be a professional footballer, in the Premiership. Not for the money, it should be said, even if that kind of money seems more and more like a cure-all to me, these days. And not for the fame either, which in all honesty must be a burden...Read More  »

April 19, 15

You enter people’s lives through the back door for one day or a few. You dig around in their underwear, pack up their sheets, and by the end of the day you’ve bonded with them. Read More  »

April 17, 15

How could the world have changed so much in just two weeks? Does salt really not get worms? I get off at the next stop, on the verge of tears. But I’m not going to cry. I’m nine years old, practically a woman. Read More  »