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March 28, 15

"Y-land had no marriage system but was famous for its prosperous sex industry. Even bartering was allowed: when the male clients could not afford to pay, they could obtain sexual services by trading their body parts." Read More  »

February 6, 15

The Impossible Fairy Tale is the first novel by one of South Korea’s most promising young writers. In Hong’s pitch-perfect, limpid translation, this meta-fictional story of two small girls, one lucky, one luckless, in a small town in the late '90s...Read More  »

January 16, 15

In both its stylistic pyrotechnics and psychological intensity, The Game for Real is the crowning achievement of Richard Weiner’s career and one of the most powerful works of Czech Modernist literature. Weiner’s work is finally available in English...Read More  »

January 2, 15

Manhattan Tropics is the first novel of the Puerto Rican mass-migration to New York City, offering a panorama of mid-century life in El Barrio. Maney's translation deftly captures the wide-eyed wonder of the period and interweaves the Neoyorquismos...Read More  »

December 19, 14

Set in Normandy during the Occupation, The Kites is a love story that draws on Gary's own experience of World War II. Published shortly before Gary's suicide, in 1980, this is the haunting last work by one of the great novelists of the twentieth...Read More  »

December 18, 14

honors an author who has published at least 3 significant works of literary fiction, either novels or short story collections, with the promise of more to come Read More  »

December 5, 14

This short story from the 2014 Neustadt Prize-winner was published after years of civil war following independence from Portugal in 1975 and is a chronicle of Mozambique's rebirth. Becker powerfully enacts Couto's aim of reconfiguring an inherited...Read More  »

November 6, 14

In this excerpt from Argentine novelist's Dashiell Hammett prize-wining book, a bleak seaside resort tensely awaiting the arrival of the next tourist season is viewed through a Faulknerian lens. Andrea Labinger's translation is a sharp yet eloquent...Read More  »

November 5, 14

He had promised her that she could sleep after she had vomited up the pills. And now the woman lay, almost unconscious, in his arms. He was not sure whether to keep his promise or not. Read More  »

October 1, 14

"Athai, some boys called us Snickers. I don't mind. Snickers taste good, no?" Read More  »