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November 5, 14

He had promised her that she could sleep after she had vomited up the pills. And now the woman lay, almost unconscious, in his arms. He was not sure whether to keep his promise or not. Read More  »

October 1, 14

"Athai, some boys called us Snickers. I don't mind. Snickers taste good, no?" Read More  »

September 26, 14

A lifetime of alcoholism had been responsible for his stroke, so he had only himself to blame. This seemed to be an empowering thought for him, and he repeated it often and with great intensity. "Me!" he'd say, and tap his chest. "Me!" Read More  »

September 25, 14

Our mother's sight was fine, but she often behaved as a blind person would; she moved through the world as a sleepwalker. Read More  »

September 24, 14

He walked into the living room, looking back at me every so often, lifting objects and replacing them, opening doors, nudging things on the tables, showing me how silently he could move through absent lives. He put everything back, that time. Read More  »

September 23, 14

The designation 02 was stenciled above the truck bumper in white paint, meaning it belonged to the Interior Ministry, meaning there would be no record of the arrest, meaning Dokka had never officially been taken, meaning he would never come back. Read More  »

September 22, 14

After marching for days, King Normous and his armies at last neared the land of the King of Little Things. This would not be a fair fight. And that’s just the way the big king liked it. Read More  »

September 22, 14

Facts of the past slip away into constellations, forever subject to interpretation. But words? Ah, words will dig their serif'd fingers into gray matter and take hold. Read More  »

August 29, 14

Though she’s rotten to the core, I reckon I’ve always loved Tina Elliot, from the first time I laid eyes on her. She came in the store with her mother right after I started working there, just a little-bitty thing, said she’d give me a kiss for a...Read More  »