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January 6, 16

With her translation, Perry introduces the English-speaking world to the stunning debut novel by a young writer on the cutting-edge of Brazilian literature. Read More  »

December 17, 15

The first novel from Madagascar ever to be translated into English, Beyond the Rice Fields is set during the time Madagascar was ruled by a monarchy and first being settled by Europeans. Read More  »

December 10, 15

The first night at our house dressed in red like that, with her long black hair, with her shining black eyes, though one was bruised, I thought she’d start dancing a dance of fire and every movement of her bony pelvis would spread the gleaming tail...Read More  »

November 23, 15

“Hey, Captain Dixon, can you get me a television?” It sounded like Tony. “Sure,” he said, “they’re installing televisions for all of you.” “Really?” John asked. “Fuck no!” he answered. Read More  »

November 23, 15

Under the very best of circumstances, it’s hard to get a solid night’s sleep in prison. For one thing, your mattress is only half an inch thick. Then there’s the noise—too erratic and discordant to tune out, too jarring and abrasive to ignore. Read More  »

November 23, 15

Haley Teget was awarded First Place in Fiction in the 2015 Prison Writing Contest. Read More  »

November 23, 15

He grows and he grows and still dreams of space. But along come friends to show him how to get there. A little plastic bag no bigger then his thumb. Read More  »

November 5, 15

Lee Klein is the recipient of a 2015 PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant for his translation of what Roberto Bolaño called Moya's best work. Moya invokes Bernhard's most characteristic mode: the electrifying tirade. Read More  »

October 29, 15

GO is a coming-of-age novel that depicts the life of an ethnic Korean student living in Japan. WInner of Japan's Naoki Prize, it was adapted into a critically acclaimed film of the same name. Read More  »

October 23, 15

Our PEN Podcast features Zadie Smith reading from her novel "On Beauty" at the 2006 PEN World Voices Festival. Read More  »