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PEN American Center

April 16, 14

Sarajevo Airport. The prettiest little airport in Europe. Little waiting rooms, little people, big suitcases. The new year has just begun. People are returning from holidays in the old country, going back to their homes . . . Read More  »

April 15, 14

Conrad imagined walking through the trees below: the leafy, springy duff, soft underfoot. The clean aromatic tang of balsam, flecks of sunlight scattered across the dim trunks. Read More  »

April 15, 14

Sometimes I see less significant people too—girlfriends, high school teachers, men I once went to bed with. A few days ago, for example, I clearly saw Bruria Zimmel, who studied with me in the department of dental hygiene in the faculty of dental...Read More  »

April 11, 14

. . .the same hands that embrace one’s child will squeeze the life out of a neighbor’s child when war comes. . . Read More  »

April 9, 14

My professional life has been spent in finance, a business concerned with fine points, such as the small movement in exchange rates on which the fate of millions of dollars or pounds or yen could hang. Read More  »

April 7, 14

Edda Sólveig’s back is turned to me as she stands on a dry island in the damp floor. I look past her, out my arched window, the jewel of this basement apartment, the window that I always keep so clean that you can’t even see the pane. Read More  »

April 3, 14

A warm fire. I, too, wanted to stay there forever. Tell Cheolsu his chicken was ripped apart and eaten by a rabid dog. But instead I stood and watched the crows dive through the air like they were falling from the cliff. Read More  »

April 3, 14

At the very second in which revulsion rises in her throat she hears the siren. Insistent. They’ve discovered the boss is a blue lizard. Read More  »

April 2, 14

A labyrinth of hallways painted in psychedelic colors—neon yellow, electric green and florid pink—snaked through all buildings. Ramps and passageways led to communal spaces that were designed for galleries, theaters, . . . and a day-care center. Read More  »

April 2, 14

My mother spoke softly and only for a little time, not interrupting but taking her turn. I could hear none of her words. Her voice did not have its usual up and down curves. It was just flat and soft and down. Read More  »