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February 9, 16

"I guess you could say that today our job is to work against the collective numbness. To act as the opposing force. Where there’s shadow, bring a lantern." Read More  »

February 2, 16

"As a poet with a background in law, I am obsessed by the philosophy, the poetics, and the practice of justice. I am obsessed by what Whitman calls, 'the rights of them the others are down upon.'" Read More  »

January 19, 16

I would caution us to refrain from spending too much time in articulating [writers'] collective purpose for fear of leaching the blood out of the “uncontrollable mystery on the bestial floor,” and most especially for fear of the great killer of art...Read More  »

January 5, 16

"I’ve said often that crime fiction in particular is an excellent vehicle for social commentary, because so much of what happens in society has some tie, or root, to crime." Read More  »

December 15, 15

"Perhaps some might not think of this as censorship, but how a society remembers can’t be separated from how it wants to be remembered or from what it wishes it was. Silences have reinforced a status quo that continues to privilege what’s always...Read More  »

December 8, 15

"I think we Americans have to flip the question and ask, in what ways are we ourselves in a condition of carceral submission, surveilled and made docile? How much have we internalized our own Big Brother?" Read More  »

November 24, 15

"I think the responsibility of the writer is to interrogate their reality and the reality of what they see and then write that. I do believe there is collective power in these individual truths." Read More  »

November 17, 15

"The responsibility of the writer is a hydra-headed practice of witnessing and action. That means accountability—to a greater world and to, especially, my own spiritual ecosystem." Read More  »

November 10, 15

"In order for the world to function, we have to accept a certain level of falseness. It’s the responsibility of the writer to expose that falseness." Read More  »

November 3, 15

"A writer’s “revolutionary duty,” as Gabriel García Márquez once put it, is 'to write well.' The responsibility of a human being, on the other hand, is to practice compassion for others while growing justice in this world. Since (most) writers are...Read More  »