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March 31, 15

"Every word becomes dangerous when words fall into a wave of social movements." Read More  »

March 24, 15

"The big issues of life are explored in crime fiction because so much is laid bare there. They are about loss, guilt, survival—everything that matters." Read More  »

March 16, 15

"The attempt to destroy ideas is almost always futile, so censorship ultimately becomes less about controlling the ideas of the text, and more about performing a public act of symbolic social repression." Read More  »

March 10, 15

"I do not think of myself as a writer, though I do write and often use the label for convenience: being a writer is much easier to explain than being a poet. Historically, “writers” have ascribed a set of responsibilities to themselves or committed...Read More  »

March 3, 15

"I am very conscious that the crime novel has taken on a lot of the trappings of the social novel. But it most interests me for its ability to lure people into feeling genuine empathy." Read More  »

February 24, 15

"There is no responsibility of the writer that is different from the responsibility of the human being." Read More  »

January 27, 15

"I live in a time and place where poetry is rarely read, much less taken as a provocation. I will reserve the term "daring" for writers in other parts of the world, and other parts of history, who face actual horrific consequences." Read More  »

January 22, 15

In this week’s PEN Ten, our content director, Antonio Aiello, interviews Lauren Cerand, New York City book publicist and co-founder and curator of the PEN Ten interview series. Read More  »

January 6, 15

"Thought is only accomplished alone. A hive of thought is preferable to the drone. No drones." Read More  »

January 6, 15

Translator Eric Becker interviews Catherine Porter and Sandra Bermann about the release of their new book, A Companion to Translation Studies, which features 45 essays from leading translators, including the late Michael Henry Heim. Read More  »