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PEN American Center

January 22, 15

In this week’s PEN Ten, our content director, Antonio Aiello, interviews Lauren Cerand, New York City book publicist and co-founder and curator of the PEN Ten interview series. Read More  »

January 6, 15

"Thought is only accomplished alone. A hive of thought is preferable to the drone. No drones." Read More  »

January 6, 15

Translator Eric Becker interviews Catherine Porter and Sandra Bermann about the release of their new book, A Companion to Translation Studies, which features 45 essays from leading translators, including the late Michael Henry Heim. Read More  »

December 30, 14

"As a feminist and a poet, I think it's incredibly important to have your voice heard, and having a voice is a platform." Read More  »

December 23, 14

"My project is influenced and informed by my own experiences in Iraq, but I've learned the most by reading accounts by journalists, civilians, and soldiers who were there before (sometimes long before) or after me." Read More  »

December 16, 14

"I don't find the skill to be in writing or even in reading. The real skill is being a human being, weighing that, contemplating its arcs and depths, and then making it all for better or worse sing." Read More  »

December 9, 14

"But in this case I was writing about people crossing the border, dying in the desert or living in fear, undocumented in Boyle Heights, and it was inspired by real families and actual events. I worried that this story wasn’t mine to write." Read More  »

December 2, 14

"The best books probably weren't written for presidents. The most important books will probably always be written for people who are afraid of what the presidency might become." Read More  »

November 25, 14

"My politico-aesthetic stance and practice as a poet and translator is 'illegal' and will likely remain so. I will let you know if and when an arrest ever happens." Read More  »

November 20, 14

"I'm obsessed with manhood as a brutal and artful performance. My mind always finds its way back to the crossroad where sex, race, and power collide." Read More  »