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September 1, 15

"Erasure happens when it comes to the history/lives/contribution/resistance/survival of people of color in America, and so with my pen I make sure that they exist and are remembered in my stanzas, in between the lines, and on every space of my...Read More  »

August 25, 15

"When I came to America, I found that censorship had no home on the ground, but it was somehow in the air, implicit. Speech here is usually restricted to what is “acceptable.” In other words, censorship precedes speech here in America, as opposed...Read More  »

August 18, 15

"...there are plenty of adults who feel young adult literature requires hope. I feel differently, which goes back to truth-telling. I believe teens deserve uncomfortable truths." Read More  »

August 11, 15

"Fiction is built out of the day-to-day stuff of life, words and people and events, but it’s different and it’s meant to be different. So our collective purpose is to keep doing that, and taking the time to do it properly even as life drags us all...Read More  »

August 6, 15

"The great pleasure of translating is being able to enter into the timelessness of the text...there’s comfort in such concentrated work. It must be the language equivalent of what musicians experience." Read More  »

August 6, 15

"We thought it would be a remarkable project to look at the impact that more than a decade of U.S. occupation had had on the lives and songs of Afghans, especially women, through these two-line folk poems." Read More  »

August 4, 15

As far as writing is concerned I am obsessed by clarity, which can be a weakness. Great art must leave room for ambiguity, even mystery. Read More  »

July 28, 15

"As a newspaper reporter, I'm quite used to being called names. You may have heard that we're not the most popular people." Read More  »

July 21, 15

"There was a time in my twenties when I didn’t write because it was too difficult. I had elevated the concept of “being a writer” to a status I felt I didn’t deserve, and the cheeky teenager who wrote those 27 pages without blinking lost her way...Read More  »

July 14, 15

"I have to take care of what I was given. I am aware of carrying a gift that belongs to my people. It doesn’t belong to me. It’s ancient yet moves into the raw and unknown future." Read More  »