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October 6, 15

"My most recurrent images involve water, and specifically, our rescue in the Straits of Florida when we escaped from Cuba: our small wooden fishing boat up against a giant oil freighter so big it was like a giant wall, and Cuba on the other side,...Read More  »

October 1, 15

I uncover here a responsibility I feel—to attempt disinhibition, to include affective knowledge, to be inside the body, to report from a place of personal discomfort or unease. Ursula LeGuin says in coming years we’re going to need writers who can...Read More  »

September 29, 15

"I do believe there is a collective purpose to telling the stories that people know to be true, but that they have not yet been able to articulate, or are afraid to articulate." Read More  »

September 23, 15

Are there languages of hierarchy that can attend to the difference between the lack of privilege experienced by the black body in America and the overt censorship in some countries where speaking can be punishable by imprisonment or death?...Read More  »

September 22, 15

"That’s one of the interesting ironies of being a writer: It’s something you do in isolation and yet it’s something that connects to and unites, not only other writers but all people. I say that’s the irony of writing, but of course that’s really...Read More  »

September 16, 15

The word obliterated comes from the Latin, meaning “to strike out, or erase, what has been written.” I believe I (my-self) am both obliterator and obliterated. I was made by words. And then the words changed. Or, the self wrote new words. Or, the...Read More  »

September 15, 15

"It is the challenges we pose to ourselves that bring the greatest honesty, lucidity, imagination, directness. I consider my responsibility as a poet as something related to the journalist, citing interviews with subconscious fears and aspirations...Read More  »

September 8, 15

"The responsibility of this writer is to be ethical, conscientious, non-judgmental, curious, free free free." Read More  »

September 1, 15

"Erasure happens when it comes to the history/lives/contribution/resistance/survival of people of color in America, and so with my pen I make sure that they exist and are remembered in my stanzas, in between the lines, and on every space of my...Read More  »

August 25, 15

"When I came to America, I found that censorship had no home on the ground, but it was somehow in the air, implicit. Speech here is usually restricted to what is “acceptable.” In other words, censorship precedes speech here in America, as opposed...Read More  »