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April 23, 15

This article examines Turkish efforts to deny the Armenian Genocide of 1915–17, explores why intellectuals might engage in the denial of known genocides, and reflects on the relationship between scholars and truth. Read More  »

April 15, 15

Armenians were neither passive nor submissive victims, but the power to decide their fate was largely out of their hands. A “great inequality in agency” existed between Young Turks and their armed agents and the segmented and dispersed Armenians. Read More  »

October 9, 14

For many years China has been a prototype for countries trying to control and censor the Internet, but it seems that censorship in China has reached the end of the road; recently, they seem to have managed to censor the entire Internet. Read More  »

October 3, 14

And yet, I was only half Italian. I was only half Catholic. I was only half open to these ideas. I was only half. What could make me whole? I stayed up at night thinking of hell, trying to reconcile the demands of purity with my disbelief. Read More  »

October 2, 14

I can’t shake the image of young students—the gears of their minds at work—as they watch and take account, assess what it means to pull books from shelves, set them into the shadows of boxes, and to shut the lids. Read More  »

September 28, 14

for a promising young writer of an unpublished work of nonfiction that addresses a global and/or multicultural issue Read More  »

September 26, 14

In 1975, Sons and Lovers meant to me the Gethsemane of emotional ambivalence—erotic yet ascetic, the stakes high as scripture, translated into genital dialect. Read More  »

September 25, 14

Whatever fear strikes any reader of Baldwin’s book awaits right in that opening paragraph: an unseemly portrait of faith. It is not literary sex, or violence, or the conflation of violence and sex that Prince William County, Virginia truly found...Read More  »

September 24, 14

Though the book cannot and should not be divorced from the Russian Revolution, Orwell sees beyond the specifics of that revolution, and even beyond revolution itself, to tell what is paradoxically a human story. Read More  »

September 23, 14

LGBTQI literature, while no longer taboo, still rests on uneasy ground in our school libraries. The tragedy, of course, is that young people are the ones who need these books the most. Read More  »