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October 8, 15

Writers read the poetry of Liu Xia, who has been under extralegal house arrest since her husband, fellow poet and activist Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2010. Read More  »

October 8, 15

The Czech surrealist's poems not only highlight Prague as the twin capital of surrealism with Paris, but are also a dark and prescient avant-garde document of Europe in crisis. Read More  »

October 8, 15

One of the most prolific poets of his generation, Vítězslav Nezval dazzled even his closest contemporaries with his linguistic facility and uncanny ingenuity. Read More  »

October 7, 15

You / in the ropes / in the black ropes / shining // Come, / king, / take up / your instrument. Read More  »

October 5, 15

Grandmother’s story before it’s forgotten: her parents die young, / father first. When the widow realizes the illness will take her too, / she walks from house to house, sails from island to island / with her daughter. “Who will take care of Maria...Read More  »

October 2, 15

Shadows rest on these benches / and you weep lion tears / and bite me with literary envy, / you bite down hard on my back Read More  »

September 30, 15

Paul Valéry said something like: the purpose of poetry is to re-create the poetic spirit in the reader. That feels pretty right to me as a real reason I read poetry. Poets often fret that only poets read poetry; but in fact that seems to me...Read More  »

September 28, 15

The New American Poetry Anthology 1945 was banned in Colorado because of poems like Gergory Corso's "Marriage." In honor of Banned Books Week, the PEN podcast features Philip Fried reading from the collection. Read More  »

September 24, 15

In pieces selected by the poet and translator from thirty years of published work, both East and West have been engaged, creating a landscape of the poet's extensive travels. Read More  »

September 23, 15

Wolves howl. Soot falls from sky. // The rescuers are never prepared. / And we, here, amid a failure of images. // Scrub a spot whiter than before. / Demarcate before there is nothing left. // Breath into white sand. / The dead ache so. Read More  »