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February 3, 16

I want more silence / I want more epics / when we drive / to the ocean / we have everything / we need / we name everything / we see / scream into silos / dying barns / while the green / veins into me / then opens / like a stent Read More  »

January 27, 16

I have / a lover who has / fallen in love with / an interminable nymph // who keeps him / and his statues / in an underwater cave // I have / brought my beloved / my promising sculptor // to Rome where he does nothing but drink / himself to sleep...Read More  »

January 21, 16

Here a thousand birds dispute / the fresh blood on the sidewalk / the battle line, how it was drawn / how the sides were chosen / had there been a trial / Or any doubt and if so / how it was framed / did the shot hang in the air and who / was there...Read More  »

January 14, 16

Sophie Seita is the recipient of a 2015 PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant for her translation of poetry by German poet Uljana Wolf. Read More  »

January 13, 16

if the other actors believe you’re the king… so I sang / alas, alas for you as “Him,” again, again at the strain of my range. / the King dies every year, again, again for you / but who seeks to save shall lose, thus encore! the merchandise...Read More  »

January 6, 16

My south dies for essential liberty. // They make the mud there. / Was always death. // The house at the end of the mind. / Our school cafeteria made from a bomb shelter. // Trees: magnolia, poplar, etc. // When my destruction stops I start, I...Read More  »

December 29, 15

The middle-aged men took me into the forest and took turns wagging their tongues at me, but I couldn’t see the snake tattoos on their backs. I just saw their faces. What kind of person will you grow up to be, tut tut. I was mopping my body when the...Read More  »

December 23, 15

I wonder what your house is like— / the path leading to your front door, / clothes drying on a balcony. / On TV I watch shows about travel / like the one on last night / with people buried up to / their knees in snow somewhere. / Then the same...Read More  »

December 17, 15

There was a slowness of heart. / There was swelling of lungs. / There were Latin terms for everything. / There was walking around in the ward. / There was a stopped procedure. / There were 1500 cc. lost. / There were Greek words w/ x’s: pharynx,...Read More  »

December 14, 15

Brian Batchelor was awarded First Place in Poetry in the 2015 Prison Writing Contest. Read More  »