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August 26, 15

Master of fine art? More like paper / airplane disaster factory. // Gerard Manley Hopkins? / More like a clod of Earth flung skyward / towards God's stupid face. Read More  »

August 19, 15

Why did you come here. What do you want. Are you filming this. Do you live in this neighborhood. Do you feel comfortable. Can I ask is that a weave. Is the neighborhood treating you well. Do you read the news. Where’s your real hair. Do you like...Read More  »

August 13, 15

A reading featuring, Kevin Coval, Nate Marshall, José Olivarez, and Mahogany L. Browne, contributors to the poetry anthology The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop. Read More  »

August 12, 15

The Whole Foods is looted and they are all drinking champagne, dancing. All of them will get a cold later. / Riot champagne becomes a term among us that winter. / I wasn’t there but I was there too. My germs were there. / I too had that cold. Read More  »

August 5, 15

Kings in the capitol lift capital to the light like massive infants. // No commander will ask a pistol to bend / and obey a demand for late bloom, new roots, and living loam. // Man’s world must be just a wound hidden by a uniform, / loyal like a...Read More  »

July 29, 15

In exile from circles of protest on the square. / In exile from an oxymoron spotlighted above. / In exile from the neo-alphabet of a first love. / In exile from pozzolan mixed with fly ash. Read More  »

July 22, 15

And I trust people // to make good choices / so I don’t have to impale them // on the tines of my pitchfork. Or otherwise // govern them. Why do you need so much / government, if you don’t like government why // do you insist upon making / these...Read More  »

July 15, 15

i fold my knees to a brown god, even // if he exists only for me. Bismilla’ hirah maa / neraheeem. take me home, where i can be a seed. // take me home, ameen. Read More  »

July 8, 15

A white man says we need to set a higher bar for / terrorism and then rides off my timeline on a police horse. There's nothing new / I could learn from another man—I know / enough about being awful in being / an awful one myself. Read More  »

July 2, 15

Jonathan Safran Foer reads quotes from President George W. Bush from the 2004 PEN event State of Emergency: Unconventional Readings. Read More  »