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PEN American Center

October 29, 14

Today I pumped in the Atlanta airport women’s restroom / At the sink while ppl walked past / And I wore one of those bras for hands free pumping / Which also meant I wore a tinge of shame I knew I shouldn’t feel Read More  »

October 23, 14

He "died" "in the" battle, then fear / "And" sadness infected my milk / "My" baby "died," "on" "the" boardwalk / I "died" when "you" / Turned "your" car into "the" crowd, "I / Died" "in" a cage Read More  »

October 15, 14

First an army destroys a temple, the limbs of men and statues are demolished, their names disappear, the soldiers become a hero, then a number, then a statue is re-erected to pay homage to all the fallen, a parade drums by. Fireworks deafen our...Read More  »

October 8, 14

Listen to poet Natalie Diaz grapple with betraying her family in her book of poetry "When My Brother Was an Aztec" and share about the ongoing Mojave Language Revitalization Program. Read More  »

October 8, 14

He knew that a planet, too, wanders, open, in a field of asters. And watched / the terror vanish, falling with the trees into darkness. You walk the dark to recall // a specific point in an argument in which you saw something delicate / fall apart...Read More  »

October 1, 14

Red sky on bad TV tonight / on furniture, on skin, / I’ll remember this like it was / yesterday somewhere else, / like I was another woman / who’d done time in a park / where pink repeating flowers were / birthed at the crowd... Read More  »

September 29, 14

You are the ruin whose arm encircles the young woman / at the posthumous bar, before your death. Read More  »

September 29, 14

We fill pre-existing forms and when we fill them we change them and are changed. Read More  »

September 29, 14

—Is it bitter? Does her soul / tell her / that she was an idiot ever to think / anything / material wholly could satisfy? Read More  »

September 25, 14

I was immortal in my ability to be knocked down / and spread myself out to take the punch again. / In this sense I am still a mother. / I am forever taking the punch in the gut. / No one asked for my consent. Read More  »