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January 9, 15

Though Tarkovsky is one of Russia's greatest poets of the twentieth century—on the ranks with Mandelstam, Akhmatova, and Brodsky—he remains little-known in the West. Philip Metres's and Dimitri Psurtsev's translations are succinct and allusive,...Read More  »

December 18, 14

dear son don’t flinch / when he comes for you // singing through my brain my face // lure you wait / shadows flat under the operating lights // scissor to flower to bone Read More  »

December 12, 14

One of the leading Mexican poets of the generation born in the 1960s and a powerful presence in all of Latin American poetry, Baranda is best known for her sweeping and incisive long poems. In this translation, Hoover deftly captures the drama of...Read More  »

December 10, 14

What more is there to say about tambourines / that mimic the bells on a leather saddle, strapped / to a horse you rode across the Chinese tundra / or rode over a dune into the sand sea below / the line between noise and music is inside you / like a...Read More  »

December 4, 14

I / was / delicate / as a child / lived / one too / many lives, I / loved me as myself / I was my brother Last / I entered the gun cabinet I kept / forgetting who I was, what he wanted, which side / or surface I belonged to Read More  »

December 1, 14

Shorthand that he is sacrificial pig / Soon to be dangled plunged flushed or frozen / Before slurping prognathous blob toting lurkers / Mildly curious prop destined for smithereen pile / There must be nothing left to put back together Read More  »

November 28, 14

These poems are excerpted from Pixel Flesh, a haunting translation of prose poetry collection by Agustín Fernández Mallo, who has pioneered an important shift in contemporary Spanish writing and paved the way for the birth of a new generation of...Read More  »

November 21, 14

Farid ud-Din Attar is one of the greatest Sufi mystic poets of Iran. Sholeh Wolpé's artful and exquisite modern translation brings one of the definitive masterpieces of Persian literature to the English-speaking world. Read More  »

November 19, 14

my snake would scare away cops / if they came bothering Mama and me / when we are dancing to our records / high off something Ricky gave us Read More  »

November 13, 14

One of Denmark’s most distinguished poets and scholars, Per Aage is writing his best poetry today, in the twilight of a long and prolific career. Satterlee’s translation recreates the subtlety and intelligence of Brandt's lyrical poems with...Read More  »