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July 2, 15

Jonathan Safran Foer reads quotes from President George W. Bush from the 2004 PEN event State of Emergency: Unconventional Readings. Read More  »

July 1, 15

I died for Easter day and resurrected just / Like him for a week at the hospital I was high on morphine / And the nurses all laughed at me because they thought I was addicted / To ketamine... Read More  »

June 24, 15

she would pull her headscarf off / and strike the floor seven times / cursing the heavens and the Tyrant / I was in the cave / where convicts read in the dark / and painted the bestiary of the future on the walls Read More  »

June 17, 15

I have a ring that throws up when a cat dies / I have a ring where instead of a jewel it has one of God’s baby teeth / I have a ring commemorating my marriage to a green skull with the wings of a moth / I have a ring that protects me from not...Read More  »

June 10, 15

I touch the swollen skin / left of my right eye I ask Is this grace // is it violence is it black inside like inside / a black plum neither black nor red-violet Read More  »

June 3, 15

And I felt pale inside But never white inside or / Inside / I felt / Colored inside but colored white // Like I was truly white / The color white and / The master and his family // Were clear as glass / The clear / bright white not white of /...Read More  »

May 27, 15

I don't know if it was I / or the wind that lifted her forelocks but / what a mess her face was what a / traveling elsewhere / it was not here / I wanted to squeeze her face to make it stay / and maybe I did and maybe I...Read More  »

May 20, 15

Information doesn’t need to be true / to grow itself in your body like a peach / & be given as food to whoever, much later / What the world is / is making currency / from an ever-expanding meaningfulness / that carries no weight Read More  »

May 13, 15

u daughter of geechee gods / u femme no longer loving / the butch on top of her, u queer / my nickel plated heaven: / boys with breasts / & moustache / girls with hips / & apple Read More  »

May 6, 15

Somewhere in the world / There will always be a candle to light / A fire to put out / A flood to stem / A drought to fight / An earthquake / A group of Kenyan students massacred by terrorists Read More  »