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PEN American Center

August 27, 14

I'll want to die first so you / can do this for me, though you'll / want to die first too. It's not / selfish to want to be said goodbye / to. Let's not argue. Let's both die / first together Read More  »

August 20, 14

No one refrains from repeating the gesture forever. / New York as seen from a plane / Writing its name in the sky. / What once appeared to be litter is revealed / As a series of glacial deposits / Artists have doctored Read More  »

August 13, 14

All die, I’ll die / of breathing if I don’t die of holding someone / else’s breath, the downy vultures know; sunbathing // poor in Alexandrian authority offering / to do anything, give anything, Read More  »

August 6, 14

His mother passed away, / cold errant, / in the cardboard container, / going begging / with a good shiny pen. / See what was so good about it. Read More  »

July 30, 14

Words for the wind were filled with trees // I was filled with a feeling I couldn’t name /I knew I would never be seeing her again: the girl with the shy tuck to her head, in the folkloric / embroidered dress Read More  »

July 23, 14

“Cut your losses,” said the Viking. / This is supposed to be fun. / But then your neighbor & her friend invite themselves in. / Ask if we’re having a party (are terrible dancers). / Improvisers in mirage. / They whistle. / Write that down. Read More  »

July 16, 14

Mercilessly I’m spared: / others drink the red wine in the cellar. / More and more weightless / my body: the clothes on the pole / are an image of me I agree with. / I’m living too long. That’s okay. Read More  »

July 9, 14

what company am I / keeping? // Only that of someone whose liver is / a lily, whose lover was a likeness / in this light—come here, I'll show you— / everybody has a likeness, / not so much a light. Read More  »

July 7, 14

Guilt-heavy for our blessings we rode home / haunted by this girl and offspring who seemed / stunned but not shocked by their smoldering loss. Read More  »

July 7, 14

The surprise of a dog chewing its bone / As if this were an ordinary household / Inventory the scene; catalogue its contraband of loss Read More  »