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PEN American Center

April 20, 15

I was smaller then / One road went through me / No airport / I drove him home / There had been a wreck / On the interstate / I sat in traffic / My wallet on the seat / In between my legs. Read More  »

April 16, 15

I tried to imagine the Vilna ghetto, / to see a persimmon tree after the flash at Nagasaki. / Because my own tree had been hacked, / I tried to kiss the lips of Armenia. Read More  »

April 15, 15

Scoop shit from shitty sidewalk / Times classified ad never spell this / On my tobacco’s Tobago’s tobacco’s sunny soil / Work never been this hard Read More  »

April 15, 15

We have stepped into the picture. / That’s where we are. Read More  »

April 15, 15

Mother Moon is bringing in the harvest / you know she grows cocaine? // Mother Moon she’s bad sometimes / she's big, she // turns the tide in every / double x chromosome Read More  »

April 15, 15

But Walt Whitman’s sweetly other tongue // always sang in us, / my Brother, my Stranger— // even as children, when / all we owned // were our silences. Read More  »

April 8, 15

The fishermen who scale and gut their catch / discover a river in the bellies of the fish. // In the river shines a sandbar where some boys play soccer. Read More  »

April 1, 15

I waver / and fade / if you close // The door / The night could last forever / Leave the sun // Shine out / and drink a toast / To never // death runs clear / like blood like of that ghost / who lives / it’s not an error Read More  »

March 26, 15

The pirate is the child of the man. The child of the man tells a tale. The tale entails counting. Counting relies on natural numbers. Natural numbers do not include pi nor can they represent its value. The pirate does not know the value of pi. Read More  »

March 18, 15

It's hard to tell / whether the crash survivable memory units / recovered from the black box chilling / at the bottom of the sea are the tonic / for human love, or its proof. Read More  »