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March 26, 15

The pirate is the child of the man. The child of the man tells a tale. The tale entails counting. Counting relies on natural numbers. Natural numbers do not include pi nor can they represent its value. The pirate does not know the value of pi. Read More  »

March 18, 15

It's hard to tell / whether the crash survivable memory units / recovered from the black box chilling / at the bottom of the sea are the tonic / for human love, or its proof. Read More  »

March 11, 15

But I was about to say / When Chance came and cut me down with his Wehrmacht / That I was present on the assembly floor / And accountable for this little industrial / Severance of a couple digits / Leaving me ninety-nine and forty-four hundredths...Read More  »

March 4, 15

Someone would ask me how I was and I would promptly answer “prose.” You’d look down at the inscription I’d written and somehow it would only say “prose.” Prose existed before my thinking. It was a threshold. Read More  »

February 25, 15

Everything in and of war in war. / Every flight and branch and wing, / A body of war: a woman brushing a boy’s hair— / War—the wild turkey napping in the shade— / War—In what shall we trust? What will resist / Even this declaration of war?...Read More  »

February 18, 15

I have decided I am not // afraid and in this hopeful state I call out to the living / we have been cleansed word has come down / from the hilltop we are one // people so we put our differences aside and quiet our single mind we rest against the...Read More  »

February 11, 15

Even with slurred tongue and cracked teeth I discern a benign country beyond for me to / confer there my night custody and coat of arms. Read More  »

February 4, 15

to answer a husband, you’d // have to hear him; // something your dead mother wouldn’t say; she was terrible at humor; but you could start now, teaching her; Read More  »

January 30, 15

Gozo Yoshimasu, an aurally and visually stunning poet known for his Talmudic density, struggles to respond to the 3.11 nuclear disaster in Japan. In her deft, polyvalent translation, Okamoto has given the lie to those who consider Yoshimasu's...Read More  »

January 28, 15

the woodpecker’s / long tongue, forked / at the base of its throat and / wrapped over the top of its head / and around the eye socket, / squirts through the drill hole / into a gallery of / insects within / the dead cactus. Read More  »