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  • PEN World Voices Festival Tenth Anniversary Highlights

    Founded in 2005 under the direction of Salman Rushdie, the PEN World Voices Festival has hosted more than 1,400 writers from 78 countries, speaking 56 languages.

  • Philip Roth: 2013 Literary Service Award Remarks

    Some of whom I met and spoke with were selling cigarettes at a streetcorner kiosk, others were welding a wrench at the public water works, others spent their days on bicycles delivering buns to...

  • Sonia Sotomayor: The Arthur Miller Freedom to Write Lecture

    Justice Sotomayor delivers PEN's annual Freedom to Write Lecture from the same Great Hall where Lincoln gave his historic anti-slavery speech.

  • Bravery in Poetry

    PEN World Voices Festival teams up with The Poetry Society of America to present this thoughtful, elegantly staged evening of readings and dialogue on the importance of moral courage and bravery...

  • Obsession: Andrew Solomon on Sleep

    Author and essayist Andrew Solomon has written on a widely divergent range of topics, including Soviet artists, Libyan governance, childrearing, and the politics of the deaf. For this event, his...

Dec,05 2014

A short video about PEN America's work defending writers in peril.

Dec,01 2014

Singer-songwriter and author Wesley Stace took the DIY stage on December 1, revealing how he made art for three decades under two names.

Nov,25 2014

In this excerpt from Breakout: Voices from the Inside—A Celebration of the PEN Prison Writing Program 2014, Justin Torres reads “Letter to My Grandnephew” by Christopher Myers.

Nov,21 2014

In this excerpt from Breakout: Voices from the Inside—A Celebration of the PEN Prison Writing Program 2014, Eric Boyd reads “Of Ash and Bone” by Robert Weaver.

Nov,14 2014

Watch Justin Vivian Bond give a crash course in the art of improv and creating a character in five steps.

Oct,06 2014

Listen to poet Natalie Diaz grapple with betraying her family in her book of poetry "When My Brother Was an Aztec" and share about the ongoing Mojave Language Revitalization Program.

Sep,29 2014

On Septmeber 28th, PEN hosted a special event at KGB Bar with readings from the 5 2014 PEN/Bingham finalists:

Apr,26 2007

The first cop told him to go to the checkpoint one block east of here and he did this and there were military police and troops in Humvees and a convoy of dump trucks and sanitation sweepers moving south through the parted sawhorse barriers.

Jun,30 2014

Edwidge Danticat reads from Claire of the Sea at the Franklin Park Reading Series, co-hosted by PEN American on June 4, 2013.

Aug,01 2014

Sometimes a thought just won't go away. For Masha Gessen, the unrelenting thought is this: Those who live in a totalitarian state are like victims of abuse. The acclaimed Russian author and journalist discusses this and more.

Aug,01 2014

E.L. Doctorow reads from his novel City of God at the 2011 PEN event "Viva" at the Belarus Free Theatre.

Aug,01 2014

The authors in conversation at the 2005 event Foreign Exchanges: Art Spiegelman & Marjane Satrapi.

Jul,11 2014

Time isn’t kind to objects like an “Employee of the Month” award or an “In honor of your service” plaque, which are objects meaningful to only one specific person in one specific place or time.

Jul,07 2014

"One Letter is Enough," "Longing to Escape," "A Small Rat in Prison," and "Daybreak" are new poems from Liu Xiaobo, who received the 2009 PEN/ Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award. They appear in PEN America 11: Make Believe. Translated by Jeffrey Yang, recipient of the 2009 PEN/Osterweil Award for Poetry.

Jul,03 2014

A poet’s work involves passion, fearlessness, and a flash of inspiration. Paul Auster presents on his late friend, the American poet George Oppen at the PEN World Voices Festival.

Jun,30 2014

Using animation, film, and the graphic novel, the peerless Marjane Satrapi combines political history and memoir to depict a country’s upheaval through the story of one family.

Jun,30 2014

Zadie Smith and Kurt Andersen discuss conceptions of the true world, post–White Teeth guilt and Protestant worry, the benefits of self-reinvention, dead white males, and a defense of gangsta rap at Conversations in the Library, part of the 2006 PEN World Voices Festival.

Jun,30 2014

In her first New York appearance in over a decade, after a reading from her forthcoming novel The Hunger Angel, Müller will be interviewed by another literary titan, Claire Messud.

Jun,30 2014

Sonia Sanchez, Paul Auster, and Elizabeth Nunez offer introductory remarks to the 2005 PEN event Telling the (Whole) Story: Celebrating Writers of Color.