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Dec,30 2015

In celebration of Haitian Independence day on January 1st, we feature Edwidge Danticat reading two poems by Felix Morisseau-Leroy.

Dec,26 2015

In today's PEN Podcast, we feature a conversation between n+1 co-editor Keith Gessen and Russian novelist Vladimir Sorokin. Sorokin's novel The Blizzard was recently longlisted for PEN's 2016 Literary Awards.

Dec,23 2015

Kwame Anthony Appiah on Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, who was sentenced to 11 years in prison on Christmas Day, 2009.

Dec,18 2015

In celebration of the anniversary of the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States, we feature friends of Philip Roth and Roth himself talking about his involvement in promoting freedom of expression in Czechoslovakia in the 1970's.

Dec,14 2015

In commemoration of the last British troops leaving the Irish Free State 93 years ago today, we feature Roddy Doyle and Colum McCann reading excerpts from their work.

Dec,13 2015

Today's podcast episode features Deborah Ellis reading two of her stories: about an Iranian refugee living in Jordan, and about a child in the slums of Zambia.

Dec,11 2015

In celebration of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, PEN America features a panel of writers and lawyers speaking out against torture.

Dec,04 2015

Phil Klay, Nadifa Mohamed and others read excerpts from their stories about war at the 2014 PEN World Voices Festival.

Dec,02 2015

Mohsin Hamid reads from his novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist, shortlisted for the 2007 Man Booker Prize, as part of the 2010 PEN World Voices Festival.

Nov,23 2015

Poet and activist Natalie Diaz talks about her poetry, the Mojave language, and more in an installment of PEN's DIY Series.

Nov,20 2015

Carlos Monsiváis reads from his novel Mexican Postcards at the event The Global City, part of the 2006 PEN World Voices Festival.

Nov,19 2015

Canadian poet, novelist, critic, essayist, and environmental activist Margaret Atwood attempts to answer the question "Does writing change anything?"

Nov,17 2015

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, Jesselyn Radack of ExposeFacts' Whistleblower & Source Protection Program, journalist James Risen, and Susan Glasser of Politico debate the impact of the Obama administration’s aggressive pursuit of national security leaks on freedom of expression.

Nov,17 2015

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden spoke to PEN's Executive Director Suzanne Nossel via Skype about whistleblowing and questions of conscience.

Nov,16 2015

David Auburn reads from activist, dissident, and writer Wei Jingsheng's "The Courage to Stand Alone" at the 2009 Human Rights Book Festival.

Nov,12 2015

Celebrate Marjane Satrapi's birthday a week early with today's PEN podcast and hear how she started making comics and films.

Nov,10 2015

PEN welcomed artist, journalist, and activist Molly Crabapple for a fierce talk titled "How to Draw the Elephant in the Room."

Nov,09 2015

In celebration of his birthday tomorrow, the PEN Podcast features Neil Gaiman telling a story during An Evening with the Moth, part of the 2007 PEN World Voices Festival.

Nov,05 2015

Gregory Pardlo, Willie Perdomo, Saeed Jones, and Cate Marvin talk about equity in publishing and how to diversify mainstream literary culture in today's #PENpodcast.

Oct,26 2015

Gregory Pardlo reads from his Pulitzer Prize-winning poetry collection "Digest."