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PEN America: Journal for Writers & Readers

PEN America: A Journal for Writers and Readers

Issue 17 of PEN's literary journal celebrates the work done at PEN American Center in the past year, promoting literature and defending free expression nationally and internationally. Read more about 17: PEN Voices and order a copy here.


PEN America: A Journal for Writers and Readers publishes fiction, poetry, conversation, criticism, and memoir. It champions international authors and provides first-hand insight into the minds of contemporary writers through provocative symposia.

In 2000, PEN America was named one of the Ten Best New Magazines by Library Journal. PEN America has been a finalist for the Utne Independent Press Award for international coverage, and work from recent issues has been selected for Best American Essays, Best American Stories, and the Pushcart Prize.

Past contributors include Paul Auster, Michael Cunningham, Nikki Giovanni, Marilynne Robinson, Salman Rushdie, Susan Sontag, John Edgar Wideman, and many others.


Questions about PEN America? Contact: journal[at]pen.org


PEN America: A Journal for Writers and Readers is not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time.



Adventures in the library with Virginia Woolf, Jorges Luis Borges, Italo Calvino, and more.

Writers including Julio Cortázar, Amitav Ghosh, and Amy Hempel reflect on staying and going.

Exploring literary movements, tribes, and networks, from Bloomsbury to Harlem to Oulipo.

A diverse cast of unreliable narrators raises questions about truth and lies in literature.

Giving voice to the unspeakable and the unspoken, the censored and the suppressed.

Stories of transformation in life, myth, and literature, from Narcissus to Pablo Neruda.

Showcasing the best of PEN's festival, with Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie, and many more

Etgar Keret, Grace Paley, Eve Ensler and others revisit and
re-imagine the past.

International writers examine the literal and metaphorical barriers that scar the globe.

Facing up to what fear means, through narratives of detention, visions of hell, and more.

Delving into the multiplicities of faith and imagination, plus the books writers wish they'd written.

Writers converse with real and imaginary correspondents, via telegrams, letters, and books.

Who is dear to you? Don DeLillo, Patti Smith, Jonathan Lethem, and more discuss literary love.

Writers imagine the world's largest book swap, and we look back at the 1986 PEN Congress.

Tracing literary topographies with Colum McCann, Danielle Evans, Adonis, and many more.

We go back to school with our favorite writers, and back in time to 1922, PEN's founding year.

PEN Voices celebrates the extraordinary work done at PEN American Center in the past year, promoting literature and defending freedom of expression internationally.