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Guernica/PEN Flash Series

The Guernica/PEN Flash Series is a collaborative effort in which both journals publish the best flash out there. Join the Flash Series mailing list here to receive our bi-weekly manuscripts by email.


We're Now Open for Submissions!

Write us a story in 1,000 words or fewer. Flash fiction, prose poetry, vignettes, whatever—just make it self-contained and powerful enough to linger with our readers. We do not accept work that has previously appeared in print or online anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Flash us.


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Simultaneous submissions are welcome and encouraged.

April 24, 15

The next time you are with a girl, it feels like the house you grew up in except all the doors have moved. You know what’s inside but you have no clue how to get there. Read More  »

April 17, 15

Stone was but stone, and marble belonged to the hills, they said. The patient carving and chiseling of men long gone would not remain to remind us that we could be gods, if we wanted to. Read More  »

April 10, 15

With perfect provocation, I still refuse to turn. Why trade my world for the one they’ve relentlessly prepared and preferred for me, hour after hour, day after day? Read More  »

April 3, 15

He injured me is how we met. He kicked me in the shin in the line for free wine. Read More  »

March 10, 15

The cart was gaining momentum. My friend nudged me, said, "Your mother is waving," but I was biting, savoring the burst of red honey on my tongue. Read More  »

February 24, 15

But I was not a destroyer of worlds. Not really. I had destroyed one world, singular, and it was just a very small one. I hadn’t even meant to create it. Read More  »

February 10, 15

She watched her heart beating again and again like an unanswered question, like a phone in her chest that would not stop ringing. Read More  »

January 28, 15

When I feel a human-sized void, is it instinctual that I fill it with a human? Read More  »

January 13, 15

I only know this small piece of quantum theory: a thing does not exist until it is looked at or measured. That is, the moon does not exist until we look at it. Read More  »

December 9, 14

But then there are daughters who become mothers, confusing the story because as mothers they remain, by definition, also daughters. How do they know which they are? Read More  »