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PEN American Center

PEN Poetry Series

Once a week, the PEN Poetry Series publishes work by emerging and established writers from coast to coast. Subscribe to the Poetry Series mailing list and have poems delivered to your e-mail as soon as they’re published. The series is edited by Danniel Schoonebeek, along with guest editors Robert Fernandez, Heather Christle, and Cathy Park Hong.

July 23, 14

“Cut your losses,” said the Viking. / This is supposed to be fun. / But then your neighbor & her friend invite themselves in. / Ask if we’re having a party (are terrible dancers). / Improvisers in mirage. / They whistle. / Write that down. Read More  »

July 16, 14

Mercilessly I’m spared: / others drink the red wine in the cellar. / More and more weightless / my body: the clothes on the pole / are an image of me I agree with. / I’m living too long. That’s okay. Read More  »

July 9, 14

what company am I / keeping? // Only that of someone whose liver is / a lily, whose lover was a likeness / in this light—come here, I'll show you— / everybody has a likeness, / not so much a light. Read More  »

July 2, 14

grass cooling my temples / i thought of miklos / how all i wanted was to / hold miklos / bodies on top of / bodies he wanted / to smile at and in / death with what / little warmth you / have left please hold miklos Read More  »

June 26, 14

that even a dog has more rights to run free. but that oranges glimmer. so as not to be slurped up by dog-tongue. excuse-moi, dog. excuse-moi, docteur. can he not betake himself away and take the warding off, the water, the cups and every wall they...Read More  »

June 19, 14

He was close by and very eerie / He did not do the dishes / He retreated into our house / or he rode away in cabs / He rode far away from me / Of the two lakes he chose the closest Read More  »

June 11, 14

a horse / cries through the fog. / the little lion balconies / did stoop before his loss. Read More  »

June 4, 14

My thoughts of bellies and scythes. / And how to cut me out of me. / The vine of the mind and the heart and its sword. / And his hands on my dress and his mouth on my death. / And the bites of want in the dawn. / When the boy disappears with the...Read More  »

May 28, 14

sewn plastic roses / to cheap men’s shoes off Columbus. dannon yogurt cups. girl scout patches to Lexington / bras. football safety guards & elastic. u gonna toil to get that comp. where club kids suck air / for a mile is a night on the disco...Read More  »

May 21, 14

I want to say / Today // but today / it is The Day // that entered / in my face // I went there / on a sound // was smeared / with little shapes // while air / tumbled / through the chairs // silent / clothes // and bones Read More  »