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  • Bangladesh: Blogger Killed in Machete Attack

    Roy's blog promoted science and secularism. He died in Dhaka on Friday of multiple machete wounds inflicted by yet unknown assailants.

  • Announcing the 2015 PEN World Voices Festival

    The 11th annual Festival introduces a new curatorial approach—focusing on the contemporary literary culture of the African continent & its diaspora. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie co-curates.

  • Upholding of Net Neutrality Affirms Free Expression

    FCC ruling ensures that internet service providers will not be able to discriminate against content providers because of the nature of their work.

  • from On Paradise

    BY Roger Reeves
    Everything in and of war in war. / Every flight and branch and wing, / A body of war: a woman brushing a boy’s hair— / War—the wild turkey napping in the shade— / War—In what shall we trust? What...

PEN America Blog »

BY Renee Gladman
March 4, 2015
Someone would ask me how I was and I would promptly answer “prose.” You’d look down at the inscription I’d written and somehow it would only say “prose.” Prose existed before my thinking. It was a threshold.

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March 2, 2015
PEN is calling for Badawi’s current conviction to be overturned, for his sentence of flogging to be halted immediately, and for him not to be retried for apostasy


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